Work, work, work…

Well this new land is definitely a lot of work! We have been cleaning up everything, taking the siding off the house piece by piece since it contains asbestos, and mowing weeded areas that haven’t been mowed in forever. It’s certainly improved a lot but there’s still a lot of work to go. I mostly have been cleaning up pieces of aluminum and garbage that have been just tossed on the ground and mowed into a million pieces.

While I’m cleaning aluminum pieces up I have to keep telling myself that one day I’ll be able to walk barefoot in my yard. Until then, I will be picking up little pieces of beer and pop cans that are spread along 3+ acres.

It’s absolutely heart breaking that someone could be so careless and just throw their garbage in the yard. We’ve filled at least four 50 gallon barrels of cans already. Other barrels full of plastics and don’t even get me started on the actual garbage.

One day this mess will be our home.


Busy Week

This week has been extremely busy! I have been working 8:30-5:30 all week, so I don’t even get home until after 6:30pm. It is also the week I started with my run coach, so I have been pushing my body to limits I wasn’t even aware I had. I’ve been dragging myself out of bed at 4:30am to get my run in before work, then after work I have been doing a second workout since I didn’t have enough time or energy to do it after my morning run. I have to say though, even though I’ve been sore, I have had the most energy and the least amount of anxiety in weeks! (Granted, I did just get married and that was stressful.)

I have also been eating much healthier and drinking more fluids, but here is the kicker, this week not only did I start my new training, I also got a nasty cold! Matt got sick too and he left work early Monday and called in Tuesday because he was so miserable. I stuck it out and went to work but mine didn’t get really bad until Thursday and Friday I was just miserable. I didn’t let my cold stop my workouts nor did I let it slow me down.

After work on Wednesday I called Matt to tell him I was making grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner (since we are both sick). He reminded me for the umpteenth time that he was looking at getting a new lawnmower and he’d be home around 8. Well I ate my dinner, did my second workout and by time I was done with that, Matt had come home. He told me “I didn’t buy the lawnmower, but I did buy something else,” and handed me two folders. WE CLOSED ON OUR LAND!!!! Finally after YEARS of trying to buy this land, it was officially ours! I cried! (Let’s be real, I cry at everything.) The land is 13.3 acres, 10 of it is being farmed. It needs A LOT of work, which will be coming up in future posts!


Saturday I got to see Taylor Swift in concert for the first time. To say I was amazed would be an understatement! It was seriously the best concert of my life!

The tickets were a gift from my sister for my bridal shower back in June because she knew how bad I wanted to go. I’ve always wanted to see her in concert and now I finally got to go! Matt naturally didn’t want to go with so I took my sister since she is the one who bought the tickets.

When we got to the concert I had no idea who was starting for her. Turns out it was Charlie XCX who was amazing as well as Camilla Cabello! We had these bracelets that were given to us when we walked into the stadium to turn on for Taylor. When Taylor Swift started the bracelets would light up different colors based on the song, bass, or whatever else. It was the coolest! There were lots of fireworks and confetti and I seriously had a blast!!!

If you ever considered going to see Taylor Swift, it is a MUST! I cannot wait to see her in concert again! She puts on an amazing show! So worth every penny!!!

Mini-moon to the North Shore

Where to begin? I suppose lets start with day one of our mini-moon! We decided to go on a small honeymoon before our actual one in February since we just got married and let’s be real, neither one of us are ready to go back to work. We decided on the North Shore since I grew up near Lake Superior and I love to hike and be around water and see waterfalls. We also thought it would be a good idea to take our dog with us as well.

We left the Monday after our wedding and spent six hours in the car to get to our campsite. Well since we left later than I wanted we did’t get to Tettegouche State Park until 8:30 and it was already dark. We went to check out our campsite and I told Matt, oh it’s the cart-in site! Apparently upon booking, I had NO IDEA what that even meant. Oh well it meant that you literally cart in all of your stuff to your site. So no driving to it. Naturally I pick a site farthest away too, it was a half mile walk one way to our campsite! Since we were in the middle of NO WHERE, Matt refused to let me stay at the site alone while he went to get firewood so we could see what the heck we were doing. Did I mention that there were no showers, only outhouses, no electricity and we had to keep our food/scented items in a bear safe steel box? Since we couldn’t drive our truck to the campsite, we did not have a way to air up our air mattress, thankfully I packed a ton of blankets to use as a bed which by the way, didn’t help. I have bruises on my legs from the rocks that I slept on. We also were right on the lake, so it was 50 below during the night and I did not get any sleep the first night. During the day however, I LOVED our campsite! It was so nice being close to the lake and hearing the waves crash along the shore. 39878865_10156506469780690_3865163214245330944_n.jpg

Day two we hiked over 11 miles and over 60 flights of stairs. We saw Gooseberry Falls, Split Rock Light House, High Falls, and Twin Falls. Everything was absolutely breathtaking. I was a little concerned about our overweight golden retriever, but he did phenomenal. Day three we hiked over 9 miles and over 60 flights of stairs again. We visited the Cascades, Grand Marais Harbor, and Devil’s Kettle, (which was on my bucket list). I also started my very first fire! So that was pretty exciting! The last day of hiking we only went around 5 miles and no where near as many stairs. We saw High Falls on the Minnesota/Canadian border, Temperance River and Falls, Silver Bay Marina and went shopping in Grand Marais. While shopping in Grand Marais, I got to go to a bookstore! Not like Barnes and Noble, but a privately owned one! It was the cutest place ever and I could have spent the whole day in there if Matt would have let me! *No, nothing in this blog post is an ad, I am just sharing my wonderful experience!

Overall, we came home exhausted and I was so homesick and wanted my bed after staying in a tent the whole time! Dozer isn’t even phased that he walked over 30 miles and 120+ stairs over the week. So if you like nature, hiking and waterfalls, the North Shore is definitely the place to go! I seriously had a blast and would more than happy to go back and see more things that we didn’t see this time!

Stress and a Wedding

One week! One week until the wedding and to say I’m stressed would be an understatement. I’m not even sure what it is exactly I’m so stressed about. All the big stuff is figured out. Final counts are in. All the little stuff I delegated to other people, but here I am, going crazy.

I was supposed to be out of town running a half this weekend. I’ve had a rough couple of weeks so my mom talked me out of going. However, I did manage to let her talk me into going to a 6 mile run with her today. The run was rough. I struggled the whole time and I begged to let me turn around so I could just be done with it. Of course my stubborn mom refused and made me keep going. So I did. I started to cry and I kept running. By then my mom was begging me to stop because obviously something isn’t right. Runs decrease stress, not make you cry. I stopped and sobbed. Flat out bawled my eyes out and I have absolutely no idea why. I did agree to turn around now upset that I probably let my mom down. I may have not made it 6 miles today but I still managed 5 and I have to say I feel so much better!!

For anyone that says running doesn’t help stress or anxiety, you are dead wrong. Running literally is a life saver for me. I’d lose my mind if I wasn’t able to run. Today proved that. I needed a good cry and a good run. Now I just have to manage to keep running all week to help keep my sanity. I think I can, I think I can.

Wedding Brain

I honestly think wedding brain is a real thing. You hear about “pregnancy brain” or “Mom brain” but I can vouch that “wedding brain” is a thing.

I am getting married in twenty short days. Each day I remember less and less. I have to write myself multiple sticky notes to remember things and then I somehow manage to lose my sticky notes! I need to make notes about where my notes are! This is a real problem, people! My bridesmaids, mother-in-law, or whoever will ask me questions to ask someone else. Unless I write that question down the moment it comes out of their mouth, I can guarantee I won’t remember it for more than six minutes or even by time they are done with their sentence. I’ve never been this bad.

I also am one that lives dependent on her planner, I haven’t even remembered to write in that so I have no idea what is even going on in my life. I’m a mess, that’s for sure.

I’ve also noticed lately that I write notes in my phone, presumably so I don’t lose them, and I don’t even put enough detail in them because I assume I’ll remember the whole thing or what it means. Lately, I do not. I end up looking at it thinking, what the heck is this for? What does this even mean? Come on, Brittany! Make better notes!

Let’s be real, I’ve never been one to remember everything. I’ve always been pretty forgetful but this is an all time record of forgetfulness.

Christmas is Right Around the Corner!

Holiday plans… thankfully we don’t have many! Between working nonstop and construction going on around the house, I didn’t even decorate for Christmas. We didn’t put up a tree, we didn’t put out any decorations, and we didn’t put any lights up. Depressing, I know. For one, I cannot even get to our Christmas decorations with the remodeling going on and there’s no place to put any decorations because our house is just a cluttered mess right now. I also don’t want to ruin any decorations or dust them everyday because from tearing out the walls and old insulation (where there actually was some) and sanding, our house gets so dusty every day. I did go to Hobby Lobby (my favorite place in the whole world) and bought a tiny 22 inch little glittery tree that has some red bulbs on it, so that is our tree this year. We also bought two other cute decorations that are out but that’s it. I LOVE decorating for Christmas and am so bummed I wasn’t able to this year. So I will be going all out next year for sure!

Christmas is what, 7 days away? Let’s talk about gifts. As I get older, the less I like gifts. To be honest, to me, all these gifts we have to get for everyone literally ruins Christmas. I know I sound like a Grinch, but seriously. The holidays are stressful enough as is making sure you have time off from work, have travel plans figured out, dinner plans, and for Matt’s family, they have more than one Christmas, so who’s Christmas can we make it to this year? Now throw in how ever many gifts and each year the family grows so that’s one more gift and so now instead of being excited about giving gifts I get extremely stressed out because that’s a lot of money for gifts and just because I have a good job doesn’t mean I want to spend a whole check on gifts. Also, what if they don’t like the gifts? You have PJ shorts on your list, but what color did you want? What if you don’t like the style? You know? It’s extremely stressful and especially list year because we are forking out money for renovations and a wedding. I don’t even like to get gifts. I would honestly rather watch someone open gifts (like the children) and see their faces light up rather than me getting any gifts because everything on my list isn’t stuff I really want, it’s just stuff I kind of want, don’t need, but needed to make a list so that’s what I came up with. You know? Everything on my list is stuff I’m more than capable to get myself. I just wish I didn’t have to buy adults gifts and just get the kiddos some and that would be perfect to me. Christmas is about family to me. Yeah, some people it’s about giving, but give to those who need it, not me. Next year, I’m vetoing gifts. I’ll buy some for the kids, but that’s it.

Ps. I am not even close to done with my Christmas shopping.


Hatred. Stressful. Exciting. Exhausting.

Those are some terms to describe my feelings towards our bathroom remodel. To be honest, I have not done a lot myself for the remodel, I pretty much just help pick out the items we need for it and that’s basically it. I do have to live with not having a bathroom, having wood chips stuck in my socks, going to the bathroom with no door, and the best one yet, sitting on a wobbly toilet and being able to see through the cracks in the floor right to our basement.

It started as every day I come home, more and more of my bathroom went missing. It started out as Matt said he “accidentally” put a hole in the wall when pulling off some of the tile in the shower. I was thinking maybe the size of one piece of tile, instead, this is what he meant:

The next day I come home and most of my walls in my shower are gone as well as the curtain that shielded the window and matt put plastic all over the walls. I’m not a person who gets claustrophobic but being surrounded by plastic sheets just freaks me out. The next day I come home and most of the drywall is gone, my bathroom vanity is gone as well as the toilet. Well this could be an issue since it’s our ONLY bathroom. Needless to say, that night I may or may not have had to pee behind the vehicle in my backyard (it was dark and I was pretty hidden). Matt put the toilet back in thankfully each day when I got home after that. The next day my tub and shower were gone. I literally went FOUR days without an actual shower. I gave myself “bed baths” and washed my hair in the kitchen sink. That same night I heard a lot of sawing and loud noises and then watched as Matt and his cousin pulled up our old flooring including the plywood or whatever it is. The only flooring left in the bathroom was the wood they used for floor when the house was built and since it was never meant to be the actual flooring, it has some nice cracks in it so you can see clear as crystal into our basement. Matt ended up making us a temporary shower in the basement thankfully so we could officially shower again.

Most recently, I care home from work and my new tub and surround were put in, I had drywall covering most walls and the ceiling, new plumbing and best yet, new wood on the floor so I could no longer see into the basement! I was seriously so excited I had tears!

We still have a long way to go before it’s done, but we are definitely making some serious progress!

I Said Yes to the Dress

Wedding dress shopping is a nightmare. 

Maybe that is just my opinion but it wasn’t all ooohs and ahhhs when I was shopping. It also doesn’t help that I don’t even like shopping to begin with. Yes, I love shopping st Victoria’s Secret and I love buying new workout clothes but guess what, I don’t have to try those on because I know my sizes and it doesn’t change. Any other store you go to you have to try on literally everything and it’s not any fun for me. I hate trying on 20 outfits and that is exactly what dress shopping is. Try on 25+ dresses and hope to find “the one.” 

I started the morning off sick to my stomach, I’m not sure it was my anxiety because it didn’t feel the same. Either way, I had to push my appointment back 30 minutes to give my stomach time to settle. The first place we went to was so overwhelming. There were so many dresses and it was my first time trying on or even looking at dresses so I had NO idea what I liked. Well I found a dress I really liked but still had another place to go that afternoon. When we got to dress place #2, it had a much friendlier and comfortable atmosphere which helped tremendously for someone like me who gets anxious about everything. 

I only tried on 7 or 8 dresses and the the 4th dress in was amazing. I just felt beautiful in it and I had a huge smile on my face when I came out of the dressing room even before I saw it on me in the mirror. I tried on a few after that and I was debating on three. When I tried the one I loved on again, I knew it was “the one” without needing to try the others on again. I always wondered how people knew how they know if it’s “the one.” I knew because I couldn’t my smile off my face. The other ones I tried after just didn’t make me feel as happy when I was wearing it. So when they asked if it was the one, I had to say yes to the dress!

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