The Perks of Training for a Half (insert sarcasm here)

I am sure most of you exercise regularly, just sometimes, two weeks before vacation thinking you’ll be beach body ready or maybe eight years ago when you were forced to for gym class. No matter what route you take when it comes to your exercising habits, there are definitely some major downfalls. Let’s start out by talking about this past week for me. I am currently training for my half marathon that is mid-June. I am on week 6 of 12 in my training plan and let me just put it this way…. I have NOT been doing very well with my training, simply because I prefer to be lazy.
This week I’ve been kicking myself in the butt to get training so I don’t have spaghetti noodle legs for days after the half. I’ve ran a half marathon with absolutely no training and I would highly recommend against that! But hey, I finished! (I was determined to get that medal) Sunday started with a 7 mile run/walk. I only ran a total of 4 miles, walked the other 3. I’ve always been told to make sure to go the distance that is scheduled even if you have to walk it just so your body is used to it. I tend to follow that rule every time I have a long distance to run. Monday I decided to use the elliptical for 30 minutes, it went perfect besides having jello legs for a couple hours. Tuesday I took my dog for a three mile run and when I got home I actually felt great after I swear my back bones were crushing in on each other. (They weren’t.) I was walking around in my house wearing sweaty socks and I noticed it itched and kind of hurt between my pinky toe and the one next to it. I took my sock off and pulled out a tiny rock the size of the ‘o’ on this screen and there was a mini hole in my foot right where the crease of the toe is. I apologize if these aren’t the proper terms for your body parts, but hopefully you know what I am talking about. It hurt and every time I accidentally spread my toes, it would open back up.
Wednesday came along and I thought, hey my toe is feeling better I think I will skip my run and just do a walk tonight. My friend and I took my dog Dozer for a walk and we ended up walking five miles! Of course, just my luck I got a big blister on my right heel! So now both feet have a Band-Aid on them. I am just stylin’ over here feet wise. Oh the perks of running/walking. Also, it is time for some new shoes to break in! So besides sore muscles and sore feet, my exercise this week has been moving along smoothly. Only 6 more weeks to go!


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