My First Fitness Class

Yesterday my mom thought it would be a good idea to take a fitness class at the gym. Of all the classes she chose a core express one and it was only a 15 minute class. In my head I thought; how much work is 15 minutes really going to do? I started the day with waking up late, thankfully I packed all my clothes and shower stuff the night before. I got to class and since I did not have my morning coffee or do anything that is in my normal routine, my body instantly started to protest as soon as I showed up at the gym.
Bring on the anxiety. I’ve had anxiety for a while now and it’s not often that I get an anxiety attack or panic attack. I was sitting on the mat at the gym with my mom on hers next to me talking and instantly started to get the feeling of my anxiety attack coming on. When they start I get hot flashes and not the kind that makes you instantly sweaty. The hot flashes are the kind that literally feels like your blood just turned to hot lava. Once that comes on I get the “I’m sick” feeling where I am immediately nauseous. Here is when I struggle, my fingers and feet start to go numb and it slowly spreads around my whole body and I can’t focus on anything but the sick feeling. Most times when my panic attacks come I end up throwing up from the nauseous feeling. Once class actually started, I was so focused on learning what we were going to do, I no longer felt like I had lava for blood and I didn’t feel sick anymore. It’s crazy how powerful your mind is.
The class was my first ever fitness class of any sort so I was pretty excited. As the class started, I no longer was excited. I no longer liked the gym. I no longer liked my mom for having the idea to go to the class. We were doing things called bicycles, frogs, or dogs I am not sure but it was all terrible. I did like my mom again when it was over and shockingly said we should do it every week. That was the most vigorous core workout I have ever done, I worked parts of my body I did not even know existed and let me say, I am beyond sore. I swear when I look at my abs they should be made of steel by now. I must have a six-pack at least! I don’t dare look because I don’t want to be disappointed.


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