Check Under the Furniture

One major thing I’ve learned with having a dog is if something is missing, be sure to check under the furniture. For Christmas we got our dog 60 tennis balls from Amazon. We thought it would be fun to dump them all out to see what Dozer would do. He was overwhelmed and kind of scared because the balls just kept coming so he just stood and waited for them to stop before he found one to play with. It took us a bit to get all the balls from under the furniture cleaned up. Our living room is small and we have too much furniture. Dozer loves tennis balls but they have to be actual tennis balls rather than the ones made as dog toys because he can rip the dog ones apart in an hour or so. We found that they are more durable and last longer for Dozer unless they get ran over with the lawnmower.
Dozer loses so many tennis balls under the IMG_2794couch and he will whimper until we get it out even though he has 60 of them to play with. He apparently doesn’t want to walk 20 feet to his toybox to get another one. IMG_2468I will admit I do not clean under the couches very often, probably only once a month, so when I do clean under them I usually find lots of things. I once found 19 balls under the living room furniture, 19! How did 19 go missing without
us even noticing?
I recently swept under the couches and I found 9 balls, 1 bone and 1 lost slipper. Thankfully Dozer doesn’t chew on the shoes/slippers/socks, he just likes to bring them to whoever walks in the door.
He always has to bring you something when you get in the door. If you take the shoe he brings you, he’ll keep bringing you more until he has nothing left to bring. Sometimes he just likes to throw them around so random shoes hit you while you’re just minding your own business. So if you come over be sure to keep your eyes peeled for flying shoes.


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