An Unwanted Surprise

We spent Mother’s day at my sister’s for my nephews 4th birthday.  We brought Dozer to play with my sisters dog and to see the kids. Dozer ended up eating half of Duke’s dog food and who knows what else since there were eight kids there. Well that night we spent most of the night getting woken up by Dozer needing to go outside so, needless to say, I did not get much sleep. Monday morning was rough. Not only was I exhausted, Matt was leaving for Charlotte for work so I was sad and anxious about it. On the way to work I thought Dozer may have an accident in the house while we were gone. He was so sick during the night but seemed fine in the morning. If he were to have an accident it wouldn’t be much. Boy, was I wrong.

I came home from work and there was dog poop everywhere. All over the back room, all over the kitchen floor and in the living room. Thankfully it was only on the floor, I couldn’t even be upset that I had to scrub dog diarrhea all night, I was just sad that my poor baby was home alone when he was sick. (Sorry if I grossed you out a bit) Thankfully one of my best friends came over and offered to help.  Of course I did not let her do anything but make rice for Dozer. She also bought me Almond Joys and wine which helped make my night so much better.

Dozer eventually ate his rice and started feeling better and he actually slept all night with me on my bed. I slept like a rock all night.  I was so exhausted from the day before. My body just needed a big rest. One thing I learned from the awful misfortune that day, the three most important things to make your day better are chocolate, wine and good company.


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