The Town Bicycle

It must be the long golden blond hair that the males go for? Maybe it’s the calm and friendly personality? I’m not sure what it is that makes all the male dogs in the neighborhood hump my innocent Dozer but it seems to be a frequent occurrence. Every time I bring Dozer to my friend Courtney’s house, her dog Winston humps my dog. Let me just say Dozer does not appreciate being humped. Doze is the world’s friendliest golden retriever and is also one of the most mellow dogs around (after you’ve been around him for at least 20 minutes). He loves everyone he meets but is a little scared of other dogs. Well when he is being molested by another dog he gets angry and has this low, mean growl that I don’t hear very often.

 Sunday we brought Dozer to meet one of my friends. My friend has a husky named Gohan and he is such an adorable pooch with white/blue eyes. He is only around six months old and was recently neutered. Within ten minutes of being with Dozer, he was already riding him like his life depended on it. Gohan doesn’t hump anything or anyone, just my golden blond babe (Dozer). I’m not sure what it is about my baby Doze, but all male dogs seem to  really like him. All the humping and playing with other dogs over the weekend just wore Dozer out, he spent all Sunday evening snuggling with dad. My heart is so full with those two. 


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