Busy Weekend

The weekend plans were to spend a couple days in Wisconsin and get our garden at home planted. (Stay tuned for a blog about our little getaway) We wanted to get some more plants for our raised garden bed so we took a trip to Menards and Fleet Farm to get some plants, seeds, and other things we wanted for our garden and landscaping. I talked Matt into letting me get strawberry plants to put on the end in the highest raised bed to keep it from spreading into the rest of our vegetables. We bought peppers, tomatoes, carrots, beans and sugar snap peas. We are all set for our little garden. Once we got home and unloaded our plants from my car we had to drive the truck to the farm to get some more dirt for the garden.

Matt and I both shoveled the dirt out of the truck bed into the raised garden. I, of course, complained the whole time how sore my arms were and my back. My arms were so sore I thought they would get pretty buff from the shoveling I was doing. I woke up today and my arms were still a little sore. I am not going to lie, I checked and didn’t grow any muscles overnight. With the soreness I had yesterday I thought for sure I would look like Popeye today. (Maybe I just needed to eat more spinach) Clearly I need to lift some weights a little more often than once a month. Speaking of Popeye, have you ever noticed his muscles in his arms? It’s all forearm muscle rather than upper arm muscles. If I am going to get bulky forearms from spinach, which food will cause bulky upper arms?

via Daily Prompt: Buff


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