Bad Things Happen

It’s inevitable, bad things are going to happen. Like the time you do your hair and makeup to go out and realize your armpits are a little hairy so you shave them quick and get soap in your eye. Then it causes your eye to burn and water and you need to rinse it out which will ruin your makeup. So much for being quick. You’re going to have your heart broken, drift from friends you never thought you’d lose, something you own is going to break, an unexpected expense is going to come up and you’re not going to have enough savings to cover it, and you’re going to get that giant pimple the day of pictures. It happens all the time and to everyone. 

It always seems like your the one that all those bad things happen to and it makes it hard for you to look past them to see all the good things that have happened in your life. The positives always outweigh the negatives. If you think of five positive things every morning when you get out of bed, you can already start your day ahead on a positive note. Don’t get me wrong, it is so easy to have theee bad things happen in a day and then you can only think of the bad things that happen to you. Your mind is more powerful than you realize and you just need to push out the bad thoughts and focus hard on the good thoughts and good things that have happened. My mom always told me if you wake up and it’s raining out, don’t think ‘oh great, it’s raining.’ You need to think ‘oh that’s alright it’s raining at least I don’t have anywhere to go,’ or ‘at least I can get things done inside that I’ve been wanting to do.’ Or anything else to focus on besides the bummer that it’s raining. 

Bad things will happen. You have to remember you’re the only one who can make the best out of the situations based on how you respond to them. Keep a positive mind and refuse to let yourself dwell on the bad things. 

*side note, I have NOT edited this post yet, so bare with me! 


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