Landscaping is the worst. Literally. Maybe it wouldn’t be bad if we hired someone but Matt likes things done right and perfectly so he does it himself. That’s great and all but it also takes a lot longer to get things done since he works full time and has his own business too. I have to admit, the landscaping that is done looks great. It’s been a two year project and our house is really small. But like I said, it has to be done perfectly. Things need to be level, measured, and a certain way. Things we’ve gotten done: patio, bricks for the landscaping and a few shrubs planted. Today is the day to get our mulch, we had rocks and I didn’t like them. I, the pain in the butt that I am, wanted mulch even though it needs to get replaced every 1-2 years. I also wanted patio pavers that were a pain in the butt to lay. I have to admit, our patio is more than what I wanted. It’s perfect. I’m going to be pretty sad the day we move out of our house because of all the work we did around the house. After our landscaping is done (hopefully by the end of THIS summer) we can start working on the inside of the house. Which is desperate for some TLC. Our house is very old and you can definitely tell by the style of the tile and linoleum. 
We got our mulch put down and it makes our house look so much nicer. Our windows were also cleaned and the house was power-washed. It almost looks like a new house! (Not really, but it’s a huge improvement) let’s just hope the rest of the landscaping goes smoothly and we can make a decision on what to plant around the house. 


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