Race Weekend

Race weekend got the best of me. I did not train like I should have and even though I did not die during race weekend, my legs were still incredibly sore! The weekend started with a five hour drive to Duluth on Friday. Since I have anxiety so bad I only ate a poptart that morning just because I get paranoid I am going to get sick and then I will be stuck in the car. By time we made it to Duluth, I had taken a little nap, was hot and just wanted to keep sleeping. Every time I go to Duluth, it usually is about 20 degrees cooler than where I live since it is right on Lake Superior. It definitely was not any cooler this year! Not only was it 84 degrees out, it was also extremely humid. On normal circumstances I’d love that, however, I had a 5k to run at 6pm and I just got out of the car at 5pm. I was also starving by time the race came; I ate a banana right before it and ran the race. It was so miserably hot. I was sweating so bad and was so hungry. I finished the race and drank some chocolate milk, water and finally got to eat.
We stayed at my parents’ camper at the KOA instead of paying an arm and a leg to stay at a hotel in Duluth. Next year I am definitely getting a room. We had five adults, six kids and a dog in that tiny camper. Two of the kids are 2 years old and cried off and on all night. Then I had to listen to my mom telling the boys to be quiet. Then the AC would kick on and I would be freezing cold and snuggle in my blanket next to Matt. When the AC would turn off, it immediately would get hot and sticky and I would wake up all sweaty. Needless to say, I did not sleep much at all. It also did not help we went to bed around 11pm and had to wake up at 3am to get ready to leave to catch our bus to the start line.

After I finished the race with my sister, mom and aunt, we headed back to the camper so I could take a nap and wait for the campground showers to open. I ended up sleeping 45 minutes and then my parent’s vehicle broke down while going to garage sales. I had to go pick up my mom and nieces and bring them back to the campground and by then, it was time for us to head home. I still did not get a chance to shower. I slept the entire five hours home from Duluth and took a nice long shower when I got home. I think I was sleeping by 9pm and slept the whole night until 6am. Some advice for your next race is; make sure you get plenty of sleep, make sure you eat healthy foods before you decide to run, and last but not least, TRAIN!


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