Laser Day

Yesterday was laser day, the day once every 8-10 weeks where I willingly go get zapped by lasers. I am not sure how many of you have gotten laser hair removal but let me explain the process to those who have not had it done. There are different types of lasers that are used each time you go for a treatment, I am just going to explain my experience yesterday with that laser. You walk into a room with extremely friendly staff (thank goodness since they are going to see my whole body shortly) and they show you where you can set your stuff down and a reminder to have your body a certain direction (head towards the door or vice versa) then they walk out of the room for you to get undressed. What I don’t understand is why they even bother leaving the room since they are going to see my body in a few minutes.
I got undressed and sat on the table waiting for the lady to come back in. One of the things they request you to do before each treatment is shave, otherwise they will shave you. We started with my underarms and then legs; the technician lathered me up with gel and got the laser ready to go. I shortly learned the more hair follicles, the more it hurts. I was thankful that they didn’t need to shave any parts of my legs this time which is shocking considering I always miss a chunk. One thing I am very thankful for, the treatment goes relatively quick. You don’t have to sit there in pain for long periods of time. Now the pain is definitely not unbearable, I mean I had kidney stones and this was nothing compared to that. It was more of a very uncomfortable pain that made my legs twitch, especially around the ankles. Then it was time for the part I was dreading… full on Brazilian. Laying there with my legs spread eagle while someone was zapping me with a laser wasn’t even the worst part. I had to lie on my side and hold one butt cheek up so she could shave whatever hair I had missed that morning and then apply the ice cold gel there as well to laser that hair away too. I definitely have to say, laser hair removal is quite the experience especially if you opt in for Brazilian.


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