Anxiety Sucks

Both my doctor and my mom suggested taking half of an Ativan before any trips that I take since my anxiety gets so bad. Well of course I have to try and be stubborn and it never fails I will start to have a panic attack and then I have to suffer until the Ativan kicks in. It’s absolutely miserable for that thirty minutes or so. I get a rush of every feeling and my body shakes uncontrollably until the adrenaline stops rushing and my body crashes to where I am finally able to calm down and sleep. Well that’s how my trip to Las Vegas started! I got sick and we had to stop about half way to the airport so I could go to the bathroom and just try to relax for a minute. I felt terrible leaving on vacation this way, I was so anxious and sick feeling I didn’t even want to really hug and kiss Matt goodbye because I was so out of whack. 

Let me tell you some advise, if someone is having a panic attack or severe anxiety the LAST thing you should tell them is to calm down and breathe. Telling someone to focus on their breathing is great as the anxiety comes on but once it’s there, it’s not going to help. It actually can frustrate you more because you mentally cannot calm down. Your mind is more powerful than you could ever imagine. If someone is having a serious anxiety attack there’s a few things you NEED to do, which I will name here in a minute. Now everyone is different and has different versions of anxiety/panic attacks. Unless I tell you what’s going on, you won’t really notice unless I start shaking, crying, throw up or lose the ability to use my own limbs on my body and I need your help to walk. So here are those things you should do that help, ask questions that do NOT pertain to anxiety. Ask about the last trip I was on or about my family, ask about details because I won’t be able to focus enough to think of those details without you asking. Give me cool air and a lot of it. If we are somewhere with a fan, I need it. My blood feels like it’s boiling so I need something to help with the hot feeling. Let me walk, I know pacing can raise your heart rate and that seems to defeat the purpose of the Ativan but it’s what I need to do to focus my mind on something else, I focus on walking. It helps the most to have my baby Dozer with me so he can walk with me and I focus on him instead of myself. So if you are with me and I get anxious or know someone who also suffers from GAD, use those tips! Trust me, when it’s all done and over with they will be thankful. Anxiety sucks, it’s just as simple as that. But that’s my life and I need to learn to live with it. 


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