Don’t mess with my tomato

You know those days where you’re just in a really bad mood and everything seems to piss you off? Well yesterday was one of those for me. It was just a really “off” day. I’m not going to lie, being exhausted 24/7 thanks to my wonderful thyroid does not necessarily put me in a good mood. Have you heard of the term “hangry?” Hangry might as well be my middle name. For those who aren’t sure what it means: you’re so hungry, you’re angry. Happens to me quite often. When you throw being overly tired in the mix, it’s a recipe for disaster. Read below for a prime example of a hangry episode. 

Our garden is growing and producing like crazy, we have at least 15 tomato plants so you can probably imagine how many tomatoes we pick each day. This time of year it’s basically a BLT day every day for dinner. We don’t seem to ever get sick of them, how could you? Garden tomatoes are seriously the best. 

So I know I’m jumping all over the place here, if you ever chat with me in person, I tend to do it quite often. Anyways, here’s my point: we had BLTs last night, I have been working the later shift at work and don’t even get home until 8. Matt usually has something ready for me when I get home because he knows I refuse to eat after 9pm otherwise I stay awake listening to my stomach digest and it drives me crazy! (Another story for another day.) Yesterday I stopped at my sisters and so I got home even later than usual and it was about 10 minutes to 9. I started cutting tomatoes and popped some toast into the toaster. I made my BLT as soon as Matt came in with bacon fresh off the grill. When I got up to make another BLT Matt decided to joke around and sprinkle some garlic salt on a tomato slice (there were only 3 slices left before I’d have to cut up more tomatoes) I got annoyed and told him those were for my BLT. Naturally he thought he’d annoy me more by putting the salt on the other 2 slices and stuck them in his mouth and smiled at me. 

Here’s where I became ridiculously dramatic. I hit the cancel button on the toaster and got mad that he ate my tomato. He even nicely offered to cut a new one and I was so angry about it, I said no and threw my paper plate away. I was so annoyed at Matt that I literally let myself stay a little hungry because he ate my tomato. 

Did you read that correctly? I got mad at Matt because he ate my tomato. 

Seriously, I wonder how he even puts up with me. 

PS. I DID apologize for overreacting over a stupid tomato. 

No, Matt is not an A-hole. He was literally joking around and any other day I would have laughed at him eating the last bit of my tomato slices and just sliced a new one. To be honest, I would have eaten his tomato if I was in his shoes and he was making the BLT for himself. Like I said, it was a really “off” day. 


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