Picking out clothes for pictures…. 

Choosing outfits for engagement photos is a nightmare. Maybe it’s wonderful for people who like to shop and who actually wear cute outfits regularly. My normal attire consists of sweats, yoga pants or running clothes and that’s it. I don’t dress up ever and I usually wear what I listed above when I go out places. 

We have engagement pictures tomorrow and it took us hours to find two outfits each for these pictures. Neither one of us likes to shop unless it’s for tools (Matt) or more exercise clothes (me).  My sweats and yoga pants are usually just bought online so I don’t have to go into a store. The only store I absolutely love and could spend hours in is Hobby Lobby. I don’t have to try on outfits or anything there so I especially like the place. 

Well we finally found a couple outfits each and tomorrow is the big day for these pictures. Did I mention neither of us like pictures? Selfies is one thing because you can be yourself but I hate having to pose. Pray for us that our outfits look decent together! 


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