I Said Yes to the Dress

Wedding dress shopping is a nightmare. 

Maybe that is just my opinion but it wasn’t all ooohs and ahhhs when I was shopping. It also doesn’t help that I don’t even like shopping to begin with. Yes, I love shopping st Victoria’s Secret and I love buying new workout clothes but guess what, I don’t have to try those on because I know my sizes and it doesn’t change. Any other store you go to you have to try on literally everything and it’s not any fun for me. I hate trying on 20 outfits and that is exactly what dress shopping is. Try on 25+ dresses and hope to find “the one.” 

I started the morning off sick to my stomach, I’m not sure it was my anxiety because it didn’t feel the same. Either way, I had to push my appointment back 30 minutes to give my stomach time to settle. The first place we went to was so overwhelming. There were so many dresses and it was my first time trying on or even looking at dresses so I had NO idea what I liked. Well I found a dress I really liked but still had another place to go that afternoon. When we got to dress place #2, it had a much friendlier and comfortable atmosphere which helped tremendously for someone like me who gets anxious about everything. 

I only tried on 7 or 8 dresses and the the 4th dress in was amazing. I just felt beautiful in it and I had a huge smile on my face when I came out of the dressing room even before I saw it on me in the mirror. I tried on a few after that and I was debating on three. When I tried the one I loved on again, I knew it was “the one” without needing to try the others on again. I always wondered how people knew how they know if it’s “the one.” I knew because I couldn’t my smile off my face. The other ones I tried after just didn’t make me feel as happy when I was wearing it. So when they asked if it was the one, I had to say yes to the dress!


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