Christmas is Right Around the Corner!

Holiday plans… thankfully we don’t have many! Between working nonstop and construction going on around the house, I didn’t even decorate for Christmas. We didn’t put up a tree, we didn’t put out any decorations, and we didn’t put any lights up. Depressing, I know. For one, I cannot even get to our Christmas decorations with the remodeling going on and there’s no place to put any decorations because our house is just a cluttered mess right now. I also don’t want to ruin any decorations or dust them everyday because from tearing out the walls and old insulation (where there actually was some) and sanding, our house gets so dusty every day. I did go to Hobby Lobby (my favorite place in the whole world) and bought a tiny 22 inch little glittery tree that has some red bulbs on it, so that is our tree this year. We also bought two other cute decorations that are out but that’s it. I LOVE decorating for Christmas and am so bummed I wasn’t able to this year. So I will be going all out next year for sure!

Christmas is what, 7 days away? Let’s talk about gifts. As I get older, the less I like gifts. To be honest, to me, all these gifts we have to get for everyone literally ruins Christmas. I know I sound like a Grinch, but seriously. The holidays are stressful enough as is making sure you have time off from work, have travel plans figured out, dinner plans, and for Matt’s family, they have more than one Christmas, so who’s Christmas can we make it to this year? Now throw in how ever many gifts and each year the family grows so that’s one more gift and so now instead of being excited about giving gifts I get extremely stressed out because that’s a lot of money for gifts and just because I have a good job doesn’t mean I want to spend a whole check on gifts. Also, what if they don’t like the gifts? You have PJ shorts on your list, but what color did you want? What if you don’t like the style? You know? It’s extremely stressful and especially list year because we are forking out money for renovations and a wedding. I don’t even like to get gifts. I would honestly rather watch someone open gifts (like the children) and see their faces light up rather than me getting any gifts because everything on my list isn’t stuff I really want, it’s just stuff I kind of want, don’t need, but needed to make a list so that’s what I came up with. You know? Everything on my list is stuff I’m more than capable to get myself. I just wish I didn’t have to buy adults gifts and just get the kiddos some and that would be perfect to me. Christmas is about family to me. Yeah, some people it’s about giving, but give to those who need it, not me. Next year, I’m vetoing gifts. I’ll buy some for the kids, but that’s it.

Ps. I am not even close to done with my Christmas shopping.


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