Laser Day

Yesterday was laser day, the day once every 8-10 weeks where I willingly go get zapped by lasers. I am not sure how many of you have gotten laser hair removal but let me explain the process to those who have not had it done. There are different types of lasers that are used each time you go for a treatment, I am just going to explain my experience yesterday with that laser. You walk into a room with extremely friendly staff (thank goodness since they are going to see my whole body shortly) and they show you where you can set your stuff down and a reminder to have your body a certain direction (head towards the door or vice versa) then they walk out of the room for you to get undressed. What I don’t understand is why they even bother leaving the room since they are going to see my body in a few minutes.
I got undressed and sat on the table waiting for the lady to come back in. One of the things they request you to do before each treatment is shave, otherwise they will shave you. We started with my underarms and then legs; the technician lathered me up with gel and got the laser ready to go. I shortly learned the more hair follicles, the more it hurts. I was thankful that they didn’t need to shave any parts of my legs this time which is shocking considering I always miss a chunk. One thing I am very thankful for, the treatment goes relatively quick. You don’t have to sit there in pain for long periods of time. Now the pain is definitely not unbearable, I mean I had kidney stones and this was nothing compared to that. It was more of a very uncomfortable pain that made my legs twitch, especially around the ankles. Then it was time for the part I was dreading… full on Brazilian. Laying there with my legs spread eagle while someone was zapping me with a laser wasn’t even the worst part. I had to lie on my side and hold one butt cheek up so she could shave whatever hair I had missed that morning and then apply the ice cold gel there as well to laser that hair away too. I definitely have to say, laser hair removal is quite the experience especially if you opt in for Brazilian.


Race Weekend

Race weekend got the best of me. I did not train like I should have and even though I did not die during race weekend, my legs were still incredibly sore! The weekend started with a five hour drive to Duluth on Friday. Since I have anxiety so bad I only ate a poptart that morning just because I get paranoid I am going to get sick and then I will be stuck in the car. By time we made it to Duluth, I had taken a little nap, was hot and just wanted to keep sleeping. Every time I go to Duluth, it usually is about 20 degrees cooler than where I live since it is right on Lake Superior. It definitely was not any cooler this year! Not only was it 84 degrees out, it was also extremely humid. On normal circumstances I’d love that, however, I had a 5k to run at 6pm and I just got out of the car at 5pm. I was also starving by time the race came; I ate a banana right before it and ran the race. It was so miserably hot. I was sweating so bad and was so hungry. I finished the race and drank some chocolate milk, water and finally got to eat.
We stayed at my parents’ camper at the KOA instead of paying an arm and a leg to stay at a hotel in Duluth. Next year I am definitely getting a room. We had five adults, six kids and a dog in that tiny camper. Two of the kids are 2 years old and cried off and on all night. Then I had to listen to my mom telling the boys to be quiet. Then the AC would kick on and I would be freezing cold and snuggle in my blanket next to Matt. When the AC would turn off, it immediately would get hot and sticky and I would wake up all sweaty. Needless to say, I did not sleep much at all. It also did not help we went to bed around 11pm and had to wake up at 3am to get ready to leave to catch our bus to the start line.

After I finished the race with my sister, mom and aunt, we headed back to the camper so I could take a nap and wait for the campground showers to open. I ended up sleeping 45 minutes and then my parent’s vehicle broke down while going to garage sales. I had to go pick up my mom and nieces and bring them back to the campground and by then, it was time for us to head home. I still did not get a chance to shower. I slept the entire five hours home from Duluth and took a nice long shower when I got home. I think I was sleeping by 9pm and slept the whole night until 6am. Some advice for your next race is; make sure you get plenty of sleep, make sure you eat healthy foods before you decide to run, and last but not least, TRAIN!



Landscaping is the worst. Literally. Maybe it wouldn’t be bad if we hired someone but Matt likes things done right and perfectly so he does it himself. That’s great and all but it also takes a lot longer to get things done since he works full time and has his own business too. I have to admit, the landscaping that is done looks great. It’s been a two year project and our house is really small. But like I said, it has to be done perfectly. Things need to be level, measured, and a certain way. Things we’ve gotten done: patio, bricks for the landscaping and a few shrubs planted. Today is the day to get our mulch, we had rocks and I didn’t like them. I, the pain in the butt that I am, wanted mulch even though it needs to get replaced every 1-2 years. I also wanted patio pavers that were a pain in the butt to lay. I have to admit, our patio is more than what I wanted. It’s perfect. I’m going to be pretty sad the day we move out of our house because of all the work we did around the house. After our landscaping is done (hopefully by the end of THIS summer) we can start working on the inside of the house. Which is desperate for some TLC. Our house is very old and you can definitely tell by the style of the tile and linoleum. 
We got our mulch put down and it makes our house look so much nicer. Our windows were also cleaned and the house was power-washed. It almost looks like a new house! (Not really, but it’s a huge improvement) let’s just hope the rest of the landscaping goes smoothly and we can make a decision on what to plant around the house. 


Bad Things Happen

It’s inevitable, bad things are going to happen. Like the time you do your hair and makeup to go out and realize your armpits are a little hairy so you shave them quick and get soap in your eye. Then it causes your eye to burn and water and you need to rinse it out which will ruin your makeup. So much for being quick. You’re going to have your heart broken, drift from friends you never thought you’d lose, something you own is going to break, an unexpected expense is going to come up and you’re not going to have enough savings to cover it, and you’re going to get that giant pimple the day of pictures. It happens all the time and to everyone. 

It always seems like your the one that all those bad things happen to and it makes it hard for you to look past them to see all the good things that have happened in your life. The positives always outweigh the negatives. If you think of five positive things every morning when you get out of bed, you can already start your day ahead on a positive note. Don’t get me wrong, it is so easy to have theee bad things happen in a day and then you can only think of the bad things that happen to you. Your mind is more powerful than you realize and you just need to push out the bad thoughts and focus hard on the good thoughts and good things that have happened. My mom always told me if you wake up and it’s raining out, don’t think ‘oh great, it’s raining.’ You need to think ‘oh that’s alright it’s raining at least I don’t have anywhere to go,’ or ‘at least I can get things done inside that I’ve been wanting to do.’ Or anything else to focus on besides the bummer that it’s raining. 

Bad things will happen. You have to remember you’re the only one who can make the best out of the situations based on how you respond to them. Keep a positive mind and refuse to let yourself dwell on the bad things. 

*side note, I have NOT edited this post yet, so bare with me! 


Busy Weekend

The weekend plans were to spend a couple days in Wisconsin and get our garden at home planted. (Stay tuned for a blog about our little getaway) We wanted to get some more plants for our raised garden bed so we took a trip to Menards and Fleet Farm to get some plants, seeds, and other things we wanted for our garden and landscaping. I talked Matt into letting me get strawberry plants to put on the end in the highest raised bed to keep it from spreading into the rest of our vegetables. We bought peppers, tomatoes, carrots, beans and sugar snap peas. We are all set for our little garden. Once we got home and unloaded our plants from my car we had to drive the truck to the farm to get some more dirt for the garden.

Matt and I both shoveled the dirt out of the truck bed into the raised garden. I, of course, complained the whole time how sore my arms were and my back. My arms were so sore I thought they would get pretty buff from the shoveling I was doing. I woke up today and my arms were still a little sore. I am not going to lie, I checked and didn’t grow any muscles overnight. With the soreness I had yesterday I thought for sure I would look like Popeye today. (Maybe I just needed to eat more spinach) Clearly I need to lift some weights a little more often than once a month. Speaking of Popeye, have you ever noticed his muscles in his arms? It’s all forearm muscle rather than upper arm muscles. If I am going to get bulky forearms from spinach, which food will cause bulky upper arms?

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Shopping Habits

I’m at the point in my life where unless I’m paying for a vacation I will be going on, buying things for myself just isn’t as exciting as it used to be. I’ve also come to notice the older you get, more excited you get when buying and installing new appliances or getting a new vacuum. I was ecstatic when we got our new washer and dryer and no, I’m not being sarcastic. (I wish I was so I didn’t seem so lame.) Some people get excited when they buy themselves some new makeup and continue to be excited about it, for me however I cannot do my makeup for the life of me. I mean yes, I can put on eyeliner and mascara everyday but besides that I don’t use anything else. I’ve tried watching 50 YouTube videos, took notes, and went to the store to buy a Naked palate. I still can’t figure out the smokey eye and all the videos make it look pretty easy. Newsflash: it’s not! I am also not a fan of shopping for clothes either. In high school I loved shopping. The only time I enjoy it now is when I’m buying the clothes for someone else or unless it’s some new clothes for that vacation I booked. Don’t get me wrong, there are some things I do like to buy for myself. It’s typically running outfits or card making items. If you enjoy makeup and clothes, you obviously have a thing called style and know what you’re doing whereas I’m living under a rock. 😉

 I went to Target yesterday to get a few things that we needed at home. I walked past the baby girl section and accidentally (ok, maybe on purpose) bought four outfits for my new niece. Even tonight I’m still giddy about how cute they are and how excited I am about them. I didn’t come home with a single item for myself that I didn’t actually need. Today I went to Fleet Farm and bought my dog Dozer a bunch of toys and numerous types of bones and treats. Did I get myself anything? No. Am I excited to watch Dozer play with them? For sure! I guess I did buy myself a candy bar but I ate it so fast the enjoyment about it didn’t last very long. 

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The Town Bicycle

It must be the long golden blond hair that the males go for? Maybe it’s the calm and friendly personality? I’m not sure what it is that makes all the male dogs in the neighborhood hump my innocent Dozer but it seems to be a frequent occurrence. Every time I bring Dozer to my friend Courtney’s house, her dog Winston humps my dog. Let me just say Dozer does not appreciate being humped. Doze is the world’s friendliest golden retriever and is also one of the most mellow dogs around (after you’ve been around him for at least 20 minutes). He loves everyone he meets but is a little scared of other dogs. Well when he is being molested by another dog he gets angry and has this low, mean growl that I don’t hear very often.

 Sunday we brought Dozer to meet one of my friends. My friend has a husky named Gohan and he is such an adorable pooch with white/blue eyes. He is only around six months old and was recently neutered. Within ten minutes of being with Dozer, he was already riding him like his life depended on it. Gohan doesn’t hump anything or anyone, just my golden blond babe (Dozer). I’m not sure what it is about my baby Doze, but all male dogs seem to  really like him. All the humping and playing with other dogs over the weekend just wore Dozer out, he spent all Sunday evening snuggling with dad. My heart is so full with those two.