Busy Weekend

The weekend plans were to spend a couple days in Wisconsin and get our garden at home planted. (Stay tuned for a blog about our little getaway) We wanted to get some more plants for our raised garden bed so we took a trip to Menards and Fleet Farm to get some plants, seeds, and other things we wanted for our garden and landscaping. I talked Matt into letting me get strawberry plants to put on the end in the highest raised bed to keep it from spreading into the rest of our vegetables. We bought peppers, tomatoes, carrots, beans and sugar snap peas. We are all set for our little garden. Once we got home and unloaded our plants from my car we had to drive the truck to the farm to get some more dirt for the garden.

Matt and I both shoveled the dirt out of the truck bed into the raised garden. I, of course, complained the whole time how sore my arms were and my back. My arms were so sore I thought they would get pretty buff from the shoveling I was doing. I woke up today and my arms were still a little sore. I am not going to lie, I checked and didn’t grow any muscles overnight. With the soreness I had yesterday I thought for sure I would look like Popeye today. (Maybe I just needed to eat more spinach) Clearly I need to lift some weights a little more often than once a month. Speaking of Popeye, have you ever noticed his muscles in his arms? It’s all forearm muscle rather than upper arm muscles. If I am going to get bulky forearms from spinach, which food will cause bulky upper arms?

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Shopping Habits

I’m at the point in my life where unless I’m paying for a vacation I will be going on, buying things for myself just isn’t as exciting as it used to be. I’ve also come to notice the older you get, more excited you get when buying and installing new appliances or getting a new vacuum. I was ecstatic when we got our new washer and dryer and no, I’m not being sarcastic. (I wish I was so I didn’t seem so lame.) Some people get excited when they buy themselves some new makeup and continue to be excited about it, for me however I cannot do my makeup for the life of me. I mean yes, I can put on eyeliner and mascara everyday but besides that I don’t use anything else. I’ve tried watching 50 YouTube videos, took notes, and went to the store to buy a Naked palate. I still can’t figure out the smokey eye and all the videos make it look pretty easy. Newsflash: it’s not! I am also not a fan of shopping for clothes either. In high school I loved shopping. The only time I enjoy it now is when I’m buying the clothes for someone else or unless it’s some new clothes for that vacation I booked. Don’t get me wrong, there are some things I do like to buy for myself. It’s typically running outfits or card making items. If you enjoy makeup and clothes, you obviously have a thing called style and know what you’re doing whereas I’m living under a rock. 😉

 I went to Target yesterday to get a few things that we needed at home. I walked past the baby girl section and accidentally (ok, maybe on purpose) bought four outfits for my new niece. Even tonight I’m still giddy about how cute they are and how excited I am about them. I didn’t come home with a single item for myself that I didn’t actually need. Today I went to Fleet Farm and bought my dog Dozer a bunch of toys and numerous types of bones and treats. Did I get myself anything? No. Am I excited to watch Dozer play with them? For sure! I guess I did buy myself a candy bar but I ate it so fast the enjoyment about it didn’t last very long. 

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The Town Bicycle

It must be the long golden blond hair that the males go for? Maybe it’s the calm and friendly personality? I’m not sure what it is that makes all the male dogs in the neighborhood hump my innocent Dozer but it seems to be a frequent occurrence. Every time I bring Dozer to my friend Courtney’s house, her dog Winston humps my dog. Let me just say Dozer does not appreciate being humped. Doze is the world’s friendliest golden retriever and is also one of the most mellow dogs around (after you’ve been around him for at least 20 minutes). He loves everyone he meets but is a little scared of other dogs. Well when he is being molested by another dog he gets angry and has this low, mean growl that I don’t hear very often.

 Sunday we brought Dozer to meet one of my friends. My friend has a husky named Gohan and he is such an adorable pooch with white/blue eyes. He is only around six months old and was recently neutered. Within ten minutes of being with Dozer, he was already riding him like his life depended on it. Gohan doesn’t hump anything or anyone, just my golden blond babe (Dozer). I’m not sure what it is about my baby Doze, but all male dogs seem to  really like him. All the humping and playing with other dogs over the weekend just wore Dozer out, he spent all Sunday evening snuggling with dad. My heart is so full with those two. 

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An Unwanted Surprise

We spent Mother’s day at my sister’s for my nephews 4th birthday.  We brought Dozer to play with my sisters dog and to see the kids. Dozer ended up eating half of Duke’s dog food and who knows what else since there were eight kids there. Well that night we spent most of the night getting woken up by Dozer needing to go outside so, needless to say, I did not get much sleep. Monday morning was rough. Not only was I exhausted, Matt was leaving for Charlotte for work so I was sad and anxious about it. On the way to work I thought Dozer may have an accident in the house while we were gone. He was so sick during the night but seemed fine in the morning. If he were to have an accident it wouldn’t be much. Boy, was I wrong.

I came home from work and there was dog poop everywhere. All over the back room, all over the kitchen floor and in the living room. Thankfully it was only on the floor, I couldn’t even be upset that I had to scrub dog diarrhea all night, I was just sad that my poor baby was home alone when he was sick. (Sorry if I grossed you out a bit) Thankfully one of my best friends came over and offered to help.  Of course I did not let her do anything but make rice for Dozer. She also bought me Almond Joys and wine which helped make my night so much better.

Dozer eventually ate his rice and started feeling better and he actually slept all night with me on my bed. I slept like a rock all night.  I was so exhausted from the day before. My body just needed a big rest. One thing I learned from the awful misfortune that day, the three most important things to make your day better are chocolate, wine and good company.


Check Under the Furniture

One major thing I’ve learned with having a dog is if something is missing, be sure to check under the furniture. For Christmas we got our dog 60 tennis balls from Amazon. We thought it would be fun to dump them all out to see what Dozer would do. He was overwhelmed and kind of scared because the balls just kept coming so he just stood and waited for them to stop before he found one to play with. It took us a bit to get all the balls from under the furniture cleaned up. Our living room is small and we have too much furniture. Dozer loves tennis balls but they have to be actual tennis balls rather than the ones made as dog toys because he can rip the dog ones apart in an hour or so. We found that they are more durable and last longer for Dozer unless they get ran over with the lawnmower.
Dozer loses so many tennis balls under the IMG_2794couch and he will whimper until we get it out even though he has 60 of them to play with. He apparently doesn’t want to walk 20 feet to his toybox to get another one. IMG_2468I will admit I do not clean under the couches very often, probably only once a month, so when I do clean under them I usually find lots of things. I once found 19 balls under the living room furniture, 19! How did 19 go missing without
us even noticing?
I recently swept under the couches and I found 9 balls, 1 bone and 1 lost slipper. Thankfully Dozer doesn’t chew on the shoes/slippers/socks, he just likes to bring them to whoever walks in the door.
He always has to bring you something when you get in the door. If you take the shoe he brings you, he’ll keep bringing you more until he has nothing left to bring. Sometimes he just likes to throw them around so random shoes hit you while you’re just minding your own business. So if you come over be sure to keep your eyes peeled for flying shoes.


My First Fitness Class

Yesterday my mom thought it would be a good idea to take a fitness class at the gym. Of all the classes she chose a core express one and it was only a 15 minute class. In my head I thought; how much work is 15 minutes really going to do? I started the day with waking up late, thankfully I packed all my clothes and shower stuff the night before. I got to class and since I did not have my morning coffee or do anything that is in my normal routine, my body instantly started to protest as soon as I showed up at the gym.
Bring on the anxiety. I’ve had anxiety for a while now and it’s not often that I get an anxiety attack or panic attack. I was sitting on the mat at the gym with my mom on hers next to me talking and instantly started to get the feeling of my anxiety attack coming on. When they start I get hot flashes and not the kind that makes you instantly sweaty. The hot flashes are the kind that literally feels like your blood just turned to hot lava. Once that comes on I get the “I’m sick” feeling where I am immediately nauseous. Here is when I struggle, my fingers and feet start to go numb and it slowly spreads around my whole body and I can’t focus on anything but the sick feeling. Most times when my panic attacks come I end up throwing up from the nauseous feeling. Once class actually started, I was so focused on learning what we were going to do, I no longer felt like I had lava for blood and I didn’t feel sick anymore. It’s crazy how powerful your mind is.
The class was my first ever fitness class of any sort so I was pretty excited. As the class started, I no longer was excited. I no longer liked the gym. I no longer liked my mom for having the idea to go to the class. We were doing things called bicycles, frogs, or dogs I am not sure but it was all terrible. I did like my mom again when it was over and shockingly said we should do it every week. That was the most vigorous core workout I have ever done, I worked parts of my body I did not even know existed and let me say, I am beyond sore. I swear when I look at my abs they should be made of steel by now. I must have a six-pack at least! I don’t dare look because I don’t want to be disappointed.


The Perks of Training for a Half (insert sarcasm here)

I am sure most of you exercise regularly, just sometimes, two weeks before vacation thinking you’ll be beach body ready or maybe eight years ago when you were forced to for gym class. No matter what route you take when it comes to your exercising habits, there are definitely some major downfalls. Let’s start out by talking about this past week for me. I am currently training for my half marathon that is mid-June. I am on week 6 of 12 in my training plan and let me just put it this way…. I have NOT been doing very well with my training, simply because I prefer to be lazy.
This week I’ve been kicking myself in the butt to get training so I don’t have spaghetti noodle legs for days after the half. I’ve ran a half marathon with absolutely no training and I would highly recommend against that! But hey, I finished! (I was determined to get that medal) Sunday started with a 7 mile run/walk. I only ran a total of 4 miles, walked the other 3. I’ve always been told to make sure to go the distance that is scheduled even if you have to walk it just so your body is used to it. I tend to follow that rule every time I have a long distance to run. Monday I decided to use the elliptical for 30 minutes, it went perfect besides having jello legs for a couple hours. Tuesday I took my dog for a three mile run and when I got home I actually felt great after I swear my back bones were crushing in on each other. (They weren’t.) I was walking around in my house wearing sweaty socks and I noticed it itched and kind of hurt between my pinky toe and the one next to it. I took my sock off and pulled out a tiny rock the size of the ‘o’ on this screen and there was a mini hole in my foot right where the crease of the toe is. I apologize if these aren’t the proper terms for your body parts, but hopefully you know what I am talking about. It hurt and every time I accidentally spread my toes, it would open back up.
Wednesday came along and I thought, hey my toe is feeling better I think I will skip my run and just do a walk tonight. My friend and I took my dog Dozer for a walk and we ended up walking five miles! Of course, just my luck I got a big blister on my right heel! So now both feet have a Band-Aid on them. I am just stylin’ over here feet wise. Oh the perks of running/walking. Also, it is time for some new shoes to break in! So besides sore muscles and sore feet, my exercise this week has been moving along smoothly. Only 6 more weeks to go!